Research and Development activities at TBD are conducted in state-of-the-art synthesis and analytical chemistry laboratories at our development and GMP manufacturing site at Tartu Biotechnology Park in Tartu, Estonia.

TBD is undergoing expansion with the construction of a new development and production complex, aimed at substantially enhancing our manufacturing capabilities.

Technical facilities

  • Advanced preparative chromatography systems (flash, prep-HPLC)
  • Model reactors for process development, including high-pressure reactors
  • Vacuum systems for solvent evaporation and drying
  • Pilot-scale production apparatus for process scale-up
  • Comprehensive chromatography analytical tools (HPLC with DAD and CAD detectors, GC, GC-HS, HPLC-MS)
  • A diverse array of other analytical techniques (polarimetry, viscosimetry, KF, automatic titrators)
  • Reactors with capacities up to 150 liters
  • Several Class D clean areas

Production equipment in GMP rooms

  • Jacketed glass and glass-lined reactors (up to 150L working volume)
  • Heating-cooling circulators with a temperature range of -40 to 200°C
  • Batch centrifuges
  • Nutsche filters
  • Tray driers (circulated air and vacuum)
  • Class D clean areas for final API handling
  • Hammer mill for milling

Additionally, we engage in collaborations with research institutions, granting our team access to specialized equipment such as high-end 700 MHz NMR systems and extensive mass spectrometry capabilities (HRMS, MS/MS), as well as XRD and MALDI mass spectroscopy for advanced structural analyses.