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About TBD Pharmatech

If you are pharma or biotech company you are in the right place to find a reliable partner for contract development and manufacturing services.

TBD Pharmatech (formerly TBD-Biodiscovery) specialises in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), advanced intermediates, and the development and production of fine chemicals

  • Contributing to pharmaceutical industry since 2006, GMP-compliant since 2008
  • Located in Europe, Estonia
  • Offering full range of contract development and manufacturing services from route scouting to CMC documentation
  • Manufacturing both commercial and clinical batches of API

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Chemical synthesis of pharmaceuticals (CDMO)

At TBD, we are happy to contribute our knowledge and technical skills to modern healthcare.
As a contract development and manufacturing organization we are focused on both development and production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and advanced intermediates.

Why Choose Us

For TBD, it is of the utmost importance to be a reliable partner for our customers — from early development to commercial manufacturing, we are prepared to go with you every step of the way.

Customer oriented

For TBD, the customer comes first. We believe in fast and open communication and finding the best solutions in continuous dialogue with our customers.

Full range service

We help our customers with every aspect of the service, from early development to commercialization, including required documentation (CMC). In TBD we have experience with the EU, the US, Asian, Australian and New Zealand regulatory agencies.

Europe-based CDMO

TBD is based in Estonia, Northern Europe. We are used to following the most stringent European standards providing high quality services to clients demanding the best.


TBD Pharmatech adheres to GMP and ISO compliance requirements.

We believe that our services are as good as our management systems, so we live by the principles of strong quality management in all our activities.

TBD is GMP-compliant since 2008 and has been certified with ISO 9001:2015 since 2018.

GMP CertifiedISO
TBD Pharmatech

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