Project: A breakthrough technology for dental root canal treatments to save teeth (EndoSolution)

The aim of this collaboration project is to develop a breakthrough technology in root canal treatment, specifically entirely novel endodontic filling material (Endofill) and a device to solidify the injectable material within the root canal (Fibercure). The product line is the first of its kind in the world and will completely revolutionize root canal treatments enabling any dentist to perform these treatments in a fast, simple and noninvasive manner and with a significantly higher treatment efficiency and success rate.

The project is led by Lumendo AG together with three key partners: TBD-Biodiscovery (Tartu, Estonia) and Studio Mango (Breda, The Netherlands) and VEDS (Eindhoven, The Netherlands). TBD-Biodiscovery will act as a key supplier, that will develop, upscale, and document the production of Endofill’s key component.

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