TBD Pharmatech Production Building Cornerstone Event

TBD Pharmatech laid the cornerstone for a new development and production building, which is part TBD Pharmatech’s development path and a contribution to Estonia’s knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship.

The current premises on Tiigi Street have duly served their time so a new production complex is due to be built in the outskirts of Tartu at Soinaste (Välja 4a), in order to significantly expand its operational capacity. The aim is to increase both the working area of the projects and the internal volumes of the projects. During 2024, the volume of investments exceed 6 million euros. The new building will be completed by the end of 2024 and expected to be fully operational in 2025.

“We work with partners all over the world. TBD Pharmatech’s services and production have always been strongly export-oriented. Our biggest markets at the moment are the Netherlands and Germany. The European Union has prioritized the security of supply chains and bringing production back to Europe in the pharmaceutical industry, and the expansion of TBD Pharmatech’s production capacity is also a small contribution to solving Europe’s strategic challenges,” said TBD Pharmatech partner and chairman of the board Dr. Andrus Tasa.

TBD Pharmatech manufactures active ingredients used in both human and veterinary medicine. “With the expansion, the flexibility of the development and production solutions offered to customers increases, and we can continue to grow our own portfolio of active ingredients as well,” said Tasa and added that TBD Pharmatech is linked by long-term cooperation with both pharmaceutical companies and research institutions, such as the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the University of Göttingen in Germany, as well as University of Tartu and Taltech.

Production of medicines follows extremely strict rules for production technology, purity and quality control. TBD Pharmatech has an internationally recognized license (GMP certificate) to produce active pharmaceutical ingredients both for clinical trials as well as for sale in international markets.

“In addition to the development of drug production technology, one of our biggest areas of activity is the analysis of these same drugs to determine that no impurities have been left in more than what is allowed by international norms. This requires state-of-the-art analytical equipment and a team of highly trained analytical chemists who can develop very precise analytical methods,” Dr. Tasa added.

The size of the completed development and production complex is nearly 3,000 m2, half of which is planned for pilot production. The building will be built in such a way that the activities taking place in the building will meet the highest requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and will be recognized by the regulators of the pharmaceutical industries (FDA) in Europe and the USA.

TBD Pharmatech is the only life sciences company of its kind located in Tartu in Estonia. The company specializes in the development and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and their intermediate compounds. As a knowledge-intensive and deep-technological company, TBD Pharmatech is an example where, from 2006 to today, a science-based start-up has carved out a position in competitive international markets.

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