Job shadowing day at TBD

President Alar Karis invited to celebrate 17th of November as the day of curiosity. According to president Karis it is essential to keep being interested in what the world has to offer. Emphasizing that it is never too late to learn something new about a subject that might not even be related to what you’re doing in your everyday life. The 17th of November has also been the job shadowing day in Estonia for many years – a day dedicated to curious students having an opportunity to get a little sneak peek to a profession of their desire. TBD is happy to take part in actions like this!

Today Maret from Miina Härma Gymnasium’s 11th grade used that chance. She spent the day shadowing our RnD chemist & project manager Rain Laidma. Rain introduced her both the work in the RnD laboratories and the office part of the profession. Maret found the shadowing day very practical and was happy to see how a RnD chemist’s regular work day looks like. We are looking forward to meeting her in TBD again one day!

job shadowing

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