TBD-Biodiscovery became TBD Pharmatech

On 22nd of September we changed our brand name from TBD-Biodiscovery to TBD Pharmatech. The legal name will remain TBD-Biodiscovery Ltd. The change of the name means a new logo with a fresh visual identity and a new website.

The founder and CEO Andrus Tasa explained the need for the change: „When we started the company in 2006 the main aim was to refine substances from plants, hence the name TBD-Biodiscovery – to discover from plants. Over the years we turned more towards pharmacy and organic synthesis and the old name didn’t seem suitable anymore.“ The new name TBD Pharmatech indicates directly to the company’s main field of activity and is therefore easily noticeable for both potential partners and potential employees.  

Read more about the history of TBD on the Company page.

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