Advanced Intermediates
TBD photo archives. Chemists working on site in TBD laboratory.

Service overview

Advanced Intermediates

TBD can produce commercial API batches for your drug. Be it a human pharma API or a veterinary API, we’ll manufacture it with the utmost care and according to GMP guidelines.

If we have already developed an API exclusively for you, we’ll gladly continue as your trustful, reliable, and exclusive manufacturer.

Not all GMP-compliant manufacturing is API manufacturing. There are times when all you need is an advanced intermediate for your API, which can prove difficult to get.

If that’s what you need, we can take care of it.

At TBD, we endeavour to develop advanced intermediates with the same thoroughness we use for any API. Whether you need optimization, scalation, or revalidation of the known process, you’ll get the advanced intermediate within the quality specifications as well as all the necessary documentation.

GMP-compliant manufacturing

From scratch or tech transfer

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