Tech Transfer for Customer Technology
TBD photo archives. Chemists working on site in TBD laboratory.

Service overview

Tech Transfer for Customer Technology

TBD can produce commercial API batches for your drug. Be it a human pharma API or a veterinary API, we’ll manufacture it with the utmost care and according to GMP guidelines.

If we have already developed an API exclusively for you, we’ll gladly continue as your trustful, reliable, and exclusive manufacturer.

If you already have the API process, but you’re looking for a new supplier, you’ve come to the right place—we can take over the production.

Our professional Production team will analyse the technological process, and our QC experts will carry out the tech-transfer of analytical methods. After the tech-transfer is complete, we can start manufacturing the technical batch, prevalidation batch, and validation batches.

You can use the latter for the commercial manufacturing of your drug. If you’d like to do so, we can supply you with the appropriate API.

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