• Project: Small-molecule Novel Drug Ingredients Lab (RE.5.04.23-0268) – 5 kg flash

    TBD Pharmatech’s recent procurement of a large-scale flash chromatograph system, as part of the “Small-molecule Novel Drug Ingredients Lab” project (RE.5.04.23-0268, 01.09.2023 and 31.08.2025, ), will add new capabilities to our analytical chemistry services. This acquisition, funded by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) allows the purification of up to 5kg of small molecules. It’s adept at purifying intermediates, APIs, and high-potency APIs, ideal for urgent research and therapeutic programs. Additionally, it’s useful for natural products and novel compounds in material science. This expansion enables TBD Pharmatech to offer a broader range of high-quality services. Please see more by pressing the button below.

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  • Project: PharmaBoost – EstLat Alliance in Drug Development

    Drug substance development for smoking cessation On September 1st, 2023, TBD Pharmatech started together with the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis a new project PharmaBoost – EstLat Alliance in Drug Development. The total project funding amounts 582.436,25 EUR, with a substantial 80% contribution coming from the Estonia-Latvia Programme 2021-2027. This partnership embarks on a journey dedicated to advancing pharmaceutical development within the Baltic States. The primary goal is to pioneer an economically and environmentally sustainable production technology of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) crucial for a vital smoking cessation medication. Furthermore, the project is promoting the pharmaceutical innovation in the

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  • Co-authored scientific publication in “Pharmaceuticals” – TMTHSI in metal-free click chemistry

    A study co-authored by TBD and published in “Pharmaceuticals” in August 2023 has detailed the properties and potential applications in metal-free click chemistry for a new compound, tetramethylthiocycloheptyne sulfoximine (TMTHSI). The research was a collaborative effort involving six institutions: Cristal Therapeutics and Maastricht University in The Netherlands, Utrecht University, TBD Pharmatech in Estonia, Lonza AG in Switzerland, and the University of Glasgow in the UK. The study focused on three main aspects of TMTHSI. First, it examined the compound’s scalability and found that it can be produced in quantities of up to 100 grams. Second, the research looked at the

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  • Project: Drug substance development for pain reduction

    The project aims to develop a new, more effective technology for synthesizing an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for a drug used primarily as a pain reliever for moderate to severe pain. The API is used in both human and veterinary pharmaceuticals. Its current uses include treatment for migraines, post-surgery pain relief, and chronic pain relief. The project budget is 249 208 EUR, of which 60% is co-financed by the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency. Project period: from January 1st to August 31th 2023.

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  • Project: PET-Diagnostics in collaboration with PharmIdea

    Project: PET-Diagnostics in collaboration with PharmIdea

    TBD Pharmatech worked on a PET-diagnostics project together with Latvian partner SIA PharmIdea from 2017 until 2019. The main objective of the Project was to develop a PET-product used in Positron emission tomography-computer tomography (PET-CT) for cancer, Alzheimer or Parkinson diagnostics. The outcome of the Project was final dosage form of the PET-product with all the documentation package, necessary for its implementation in nuclear medicine centers and hospitals. After the first Product has been developed and marketed, TBD and PharmIdea plan to continue the cooperation and develop the next PET-diagnostics and other products for oncology studies, studies of Alzheimer and

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  • Project: A breakthrough technology for dental root canal treatments to save teeth (EndoSolution)

    Project: A breakthrough technology for dental root canal treatments to save teeth (EndoSolution)

    The aim of this collaboration project is to develop a breakthrough technology in root canal treatment, specifically entirely novel endodontic filling material (Endofill) and a device to solidify the injectable material within the root canal (Fibercure). The product line is the first of its kind in the world and will completely revolutionize root canal treatments enabling any dentist to perform these treatments in a fast, simple and noninvasive manner and with a significantly higher treatment efficiency and success rate. The project is led by Lumendo AG together with three key partners: TBD-Biodiscovery (Tartu, Estonia) and Studio Mango (Breda, The Netherlands)

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