• TBD Pharmatech Production Building Cornerstone Event

    TBD Pharmatech laid the cornerstone for a new development and production building, which is part TBD Pharmatech’s development path and a contribution to Estonia’s knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship. The current premises on Tiigi Street have duly served their time so a new production complex is due to be built in the outskirts of Tartu at Soinaste (Välja 4a), in order to significantly expand its operational capacity. The aim is to increase both the working area of the projects and the internal volumes of the projects. During 2024, the volume of investments exceed 6 million euros. The new building will be completed byRead more
  • LIOS and TBD Pharmatech join forces

    LIOS and TBD Pharmatech join forces

    On 21st February 2023, the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS) and TBD Pharmatech signed the Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen the drug manufacturing performance of the Baltic region. The alliance will perform joint projects for manufacturing technology development and the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). It will also support and promote new trends in API manufacturing such as the introduction of green technologies and advanced safety aspects. “Memorandum of understanding with TBD Pharmatech is a very important step forward for LIOS to become an integral part of the API technologies development ecosystem by linking our research capacities to

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  • Change of legal name – officially TBD Pharmatech

    Change of legal name – officially TBD Pharmatech

    On Friday, 13th of January 2023 the legal name of our company was changed to osaühing TBD Pharmatech. We started using the new name already in September 2022 as it was a big part of the whole rebranding process. Now we can fairly say that the rebranding is complete and TBD-Biodiscovery has officially become TBD Pharmatech. Here‘s an article in Meditsiiniuudised about the rebranding of TBD.

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  • TBD-Biodiscovery became TBD Pharmatech

    TBD-Biodiscovery became TBD Pharmatech

    On 22nd of September we changed our brand name from TBD-Biodiscovery to TBD Pharmatech. The legal name will remain TBD-Biodiscovery Ltd. The change of the name means a new logo with a fresh visual identity and a new website. The founder and CEO Andrus Tasa explained the need for the change: „When we started the company in 2006 the main aim was to refine substances from plants, hence the name TBD-Biodiscovery – to discover from plants. Over the years we turned more towards pharmacy and organic synthesis and the old name didn’t seem suitable anymore.“ The new name TBD Pharmatech

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