• TBD attended CPHI Barcelona 2023

    TBD attended CPHI Barcelona 2023

    TBD Pharmatech was proud to be a part of CPhI Barcelona 24-26 October 2023. This year was the busiest CPhI yet and the atmosphere on the show floor was inspirational.  Over 52,000 passionate professionals from around the world gathered at CPhI to connect with 1,800+ exhibitors, face-to-face at the heart of pharma. Our team Andrus Tasa, Anneli Lainela, Tõnis Tasa, Andi Kipper, Ain Uustare, Indrek Tammeaid and Mai Mitt were inspired to network with the community and showcase TBD Pharmatech’s high quality API development and manufacturing services for small molecules. We’re excited about the prospect of further collaboration and engagement

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  • TBD at CPHI Barcelona 2023

    TBD at CPHI Barcelona 2023

    🌟 TBD Pharmatech is excited to attend this year’s CPHI Barcelona 2023 on 24-26 Oct 2023. CPHI Barcelona brings together the key experts, innovators, and suppliers to showcase their state-of-the-art work.TBD Pharmatech is proud to be a part of this year’s group to showcase our EU-based API CDMO and GMP manufacturing services. Our 7 person delegation, including CEO Andrus Tasa, is eager to connect with peers and future partners, as well as explore all opportunities.Reach out and we’ll meet you at STAND 7B30, API zone.

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  • Project: PharmaBoost – EstLat Alliance in Drug Development

    Drug substance development for smoking cessation On September 1st, 2023, TBD Pharmatech started together with the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis a new project PharmaBoost – EstLat Alliance in Drug Development. The total project funding amounts 582.436,25 EUR, with a substantial 80% contribution coming from the Estonia-Latvia Programme 2021-2027. This partnership embarks on a journey dedicated to advancing pharmaceutical development within the Baltic States. The primary goal is to pioneer an economically and environmentally sustainable production technology of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) crucial for a vital smoking cessation medication. Furthermore, the project is promoting the pharmaceutical innovation in the

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  • Co-authored scientific publication in “Pharmaceuticals” – TMTHSI in metal-free click chemistry

    A study co-authored by TBD and published in “Pharmaceuticals” in August 2023 has detailed the properties and potential applications in metal-free click chemistry for a new compound, tetramethylthiocycloheptyne sulfoximine (TMTHSI). The research was a collaborative effort involving six institutions: Cristal Therapeutics and Maastricht University in The Netherlands, Utrecht University, TBD Pharmatech in Estonia, Lonza AG in Switzerland, and the University of Glasgow in the UK. The study focused on three main aspects of TMTHSI. First, it examined the compound’s scalability and found that it can be produced in quantities of up to 100 grams. Second, the research looked at the

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  • TBD Pharmatech volleyball team

    TBD believes that community engagement and sportsmanship go hand in hand in fostering a vibrant, healthy work environment. The company takes immense pride in supporting its women’s volleyball team, which competes in the Estonian championships, embodying the values of teamwork, dedication, and excellence. To stay updated on the team’s progress and cheer them on, follow their journey on TBD’s official Facebook page.

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  • <strong>TBD Pharmatech’s Disc Golf Adventure: A Tale of Teamwork</strong>

    TBD Pharmatech’s Disc Golf Adventure: A Tale of Teamwork

    First Foray into Disc Golf In September last year, TBD Pharmatech plunged into the unfamiliar world of disc golf. Our debut team – Sander Kotkas, Jürgen Vahter, and Merle Muruvee – represented us at Ettevõtete Discgolf 10.0. We secured the 14th place among 50 competitive teams. In the individual putting competition, Sander emerged as a close second out of 80 participants. Embracing Teamwork The event highlighted the importance of teamwork in our company. As a team, we learned to navigate unchartered waters. We thrived in this high-pressure environment, just like our everyday work at TBD Pharmatech. This experience strengthened our

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  • Project: Drug substance development for pain reduction

    The project aims to develop a new, more effective technology for synthesizing an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) for a drug used primarily as a pain reliever for moderate to severe pain. The API is used in both human and veterinary pharmaceuticals. Its current uses include treatment for migraines, post-surgery pain relief, and chronic pain relief. The project budget is 249 208 EUR, of which 60% is co-financed by the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency. Project period: from January 1st to August 31th 2023.

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  • A Day of Discovery: BÜS Students Explore Pharma Industry Insights

    A Day of Discovery: BÜS Students Explore Pharma Industry Insights

    On March 20, 2023, TBD Pharmatech proudly hosted the bright minds of BÜS – a student organization from Tartu University that unites natural sciences students. BÜS aims to empower future biologists and promote their growth to the world’s top level by facilitating networking among current and future Estonian scientists, fostering a passion for scientific research, and advocating for the development of their respective fields. You can read more about BÜS here: https://www.bys.ee. We at TBD Pharmatech felt delighted to share our knowledge and expertise with these eager young scientists and offer them a firsthand glimpse into the pharmaceutical industry. A

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  • TBD Pharmatech at CPHI North America 2023

    TBD Pharmatech is excited to announce that we will be attending CPHI North America 2023, one of the most important events in the pharmaceutical industry. Our Chief Business Officer, Olga Tšubrik, will be representing our company at the event. As a professional pharmaceutical development and manufacturing company, we are looking forward to connecting with other industry professionals and sharing our latest innovations and advancements. CPHI North America is an important event for the pharmaceutical industry, providing a platform for companies to showcase their latest products and services. Attendees can expect to see the latest innovations in drug development, manufacturing, and

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  • TBD Pharmatech at DCAT Week 2023

    March 20-23 2023 TBD Pharmatech will be present at DCAT Week 2023! This is the first time TBD Pharmatech is attending DCAT Week. We are already looking forward to discuss CDMO collaboration! Book a meeting with TBD Pharmatech’s CBO Olga Tšubrik via LinkedIn, contact us via webpage or write directly to sales@tbdpharmatech.com. DCAT Week 2023 is the premier global event held annually in New York City for companies engaged in the Bio and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Value Chain. It is hosted by the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT), a not-for-profit, member-supported, global business development association whose unique membership model

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