• TBD Pharmatech Production Building Cornerstone Event

    TBD Pharmatech laid the cornerstone for a new development and production building, which is part TBD Pharmatech’s development path and a contribution to Estonia’s knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship. The current premises on Tiigi Street have duly served their time so a new production complex is due to be built in the outskirts of Tartu at Soinaste (Välja 4a), in order to significantly expand its operational capacity. The aim is to increase both the working area of the projects and the internal volumes of the projects. During 2024, the volume of investments exceed 6 million euros. The new building will be completed byRead more
  • TBD Pharmatech at European Life Science CEO Forum

    TBD Pharmatech’s CEO, Dr. Andrus Tasa, will be attending the prestigious 17th Annual European Life Science CEO Forum in person on February 28-29 in Zurich, Switzerland! This forum is a prime opportunity for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration within the life sciences industry. If you’re attending the event, we encourage you to book an appointment with Andrus Tasa. We look forward to connecting with you and exploring potential partnerships, innovations, or simply exchange ideas and industry insights. Let’s make the most out of this invaluable opportunity for growth and advancement in the field of life sciences! Read more about the

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  • TBD Pharmatech team accepted the chemistry industry science challenge

    During the scientific competition organized by Rakett69 Teadusstuudio, and the teams of Wolf Group, Akzo Nobel, TBD Pharmatech, and Eesti Energia, prominent players in the Estonian chemical industry, engaged in friendly competition on January 18, 2024. The studio buzzed with innovative ideas and experiments, providing valuable hands-on engineering workshops for all participants. On this occasion, the teams had to build the highest possible tower out of newspaper, deliver the space capsule safely to the ground, and fly the paper rocket as far as possible. Above all, the event highlighted the inspiring and enjoyable nature of tackling new challenges collaboratively with

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  • Project: Small-molecule Novel Drug Ingredients Lab (RE.5.04.23-0268) – 5 kg flash

    TBD Pharmatech’s recent procurement of a large-scale flash chromatograph system, as part of the “Small-molecule Novel Drug Ingredients Lab” project (RE.5.04.23-0268, 01.09.2023 and 31.08.2025, ), will add new capabilities to our analytical chemistry services. This acquisition, funded by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) allows the purification of up to 5kg of small molecules. It’s adept at purifying intermediates, APIs, and high-potency APIs, ideal for urgent research and therapeutic programs. Additionally, it’s useful for natural products and novel compounds in material science. This expansion enables TBD Pharmatech to offer a broader range of high-quality services. Please see more by pressing the button below.

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  • GMP API Development Process at TBD

    GMP API Development Process at TBD

    At TBDPharmatech, we specialize in the development and manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, commonly known as APIs, designed for use in medicine. APIs serve as the biologically active compounds within medications. Our emphasis is on the meticulous development and manufacturing of these vital compounds, as they serve as the driving force behind the intended outcomes in medicinal formulations. Click Here to read more about Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. The development process initiates with route scouting or technology transfer, advancing through successive stages of process development, culminating in the establishment of production-ready technology for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)-compliant batches of the requiredRead more
  • TBD attended CPHI Barcelona 2023

    TBD attended CPHI Barcelona 2023

    TBD Pharmatech was proud to be a part of CPhI Barcelona 24-26 October 2023. This year was the busiest CPhI yet and the atmosphere on the show floor was inspirational.  Over 52,000 passionate professionals from around the world gathered at CPhI to connect with 1,800+ exhibitors, face-to-face at the heart of pharma. Our team Andrus Tasa, Anneli Lainela, Tõnis Tasa, Andi Kipper, Ain Uustare, Indrek Tammeaid and Mai Mitt were inspired to network with the community and showcase TBD Pharmatech’s high quality API development and manufacturing services for small molecules. We’re excited about the prospect of further collaboration and engagement

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  • TBD at CPHI Barcelona 2023

    TBD at CPHI Barcelona 2023

    🌟 TBD Pharmatech is excited to attend this year’s CPHI Barcelona 2023 on 24-26 Oct 2023. CPHI Barcelona brings together the key experts, innovators, and suppliers to showcase their state-of-the-art work.TBD Pharmatech is proud to be a part of this year’s group to showcase our EU-based API CDMO and GMP manufacturing services. Our 7 person delegation, including CEO Andrus Tasa, is eager to connect with peers and future partners, as well as explore all opportunities.Reach out and we’ll meet you at STAND 7B30, API zone.

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  • Project: PharmaBoost – EstLat Alliance in Drug Development

    Drug substance development for smoking cessation On September 1st, 2023, TBD Pharmatech started together with the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis a new project PharmaBoost – EstLat Alliance in Drug Development. The total project funding amounts 582.436,25 EUR, with a substantial 80% contribution coming from the Estonia-Latvia Programme 2021-2027. This partnership embarks on a journey dedicated to advancing pharmaceutical development within the Baltic States. The primary goal is to pioneer an economically and environmentally sustainable production technology of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) crucial for a vital smoking cessation medication. Furthermore, the project is promoting the pharmaceutical innovation in the

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  • Co-authored scientific publication in “Pharmaceuticals” – TMTHSI in metal-free click chemistry

    A study co-authored by TBD and published in “Pharmaceuticals” in August 2023 has detailed the properties and potential applications in metal-free click chemistry for a new compound, tetramethylthiocycloheptyne sulfoximine (TMTHSI). The research was a collaborative effort involving six institutions: Cristal Therapeutics and Maastricht University in The Netherlands, Utrecht University, TBD Pharmatech in Estonia, Lonza AG in Switzerland, and the University of Glasgow in the UK. The study focused on three main aspects of TMTHSI. First, it examined the compound’s scalability and found that it can be produced in quantities of up to 100 grams. Second, the research looked at the

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  • TBD Pharmatech volleyball team

    TBD believes that community engagement and sportsmanship go hand in hand in fostering a vibrant, healthy work environment. The company takes immense pride in supporting its women’s volleyball team, which competes in the Estonian championships, embodying the values of teamwork, dedication, and excellence. To stay updated on the team’s progress and cheer them on, follow their journey on TBD’s official Facebook page.

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