• CMC in pharma

    CMC in pharma

    Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) is a critical component of the drug development process. CMC in pharma is responsible for ensuring that the drugs being developed are safe, effective and high-quality. What is CMC? CMC stands for Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls. It’s a term used in pharma to refer to various procedures involved in developing, producing and testing pharmaceutical products. CMC also includes processes such as identification of raw materials used in production, establishing standards of quality control and specifications for finished products. Furthermore, product stability testing, verifying manufacturing methods and equipment used in production.  The main purpose of CMC

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  • Change of legal name – officially TBD Pharmatech

    Change of legal name – officially TBD Pharmatech

    On Friday, 13th of January 2023 the legal name of our company was changed to osaühing TBD Pharmatech. We started using the new name already in September 2022 as it was a big part of the whole rebranding process. Now we can fairly say that the rebranding is complete and TBD-Biodiscovery has officially become TBD Pharmatech. Here‘s an article in Meditsiiniuudised about the rebranding of TBD.

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  • GMP for APIs

    GMP for APIs

    Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a set on important requirements of the drug manufacturing process. It is a system for ensuring that active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are produced safely, consistently and in compliance with relevant regulatory standards. What is GMP? GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and refers to a set of guidelines that must be followed when manufacturing APIs. These guidelines are designed to ensure that the production process meets a certain level of quality control, safety and consistency. They have been developed by regulatory bodies such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines

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  • What is an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) in pharma? 

    What is an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) in pharma? 

    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient, or API, is the chemical or compound found in drugs and medications that produce their intended therapeutic effects. They are the main active ingredients of a drug and typically make up between 40-90% of the total mass of a pill or capsule. What is an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient? An Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the component in a drug that produces its effects. This can be either a chemical compound or a combination of compounds. An API may be composed of one single compound or multiple compounds working together to produce the desired effect. For example, aspirin

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  • Chemistry students getting to know career opportunities

    On 28th of November TÜKS aka Tartu Ülikooli Keemiaüliõpilaste Selts (University of Tartu Chemistry Students’ Association) paid a visit to TBD Pharmatech. Students were interested in getting acquainted to TBD’s everyday work and therefore getting a better look at chemist’s career opportunities.  The visit started with an introduction to TBD. Our chemist-project manager Jürgen Vahter introduced the history, field of activity, projects and the company in general to the students. The presentation was followed by a tour in quality control laboratory with head of QC Yauheni Yulin. The last stop was at our largest production room together with head of manufacturing Ivan Ogibalov.

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  • Ravimikonverents 2022

    Ravimikonverents 2022

    On 18th of November the annual medicine conference Ravimikonverents 2022 took place. Conference organized by Äripäev and Meditsiiniuudised brings together all important links of Estonian medicinal industry. TBD Pharmatech’s CEO Andrus Tasa participated in discussion group held within the conference. Together with other Estonian pharmaceutical companies the challenges of Estonian own medicinal industry were discussed. Read more about the conference here: https://pood.aripaev.ee/ravimikonverents2022#top

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  • Job shadowing day at TBD

    President Alar Karis invited to celebrate 17th of November as the day of curiosity. According to president Karis it is essential to keep being interested in what the world has to offer. Emphasizing that it is never too late to learn something new about a subject that might not even be related to what you’re doing in your everyday life. The 17th of November has also been the job shadowing day in Estonia for many years – a day dedicated to curious students having an opportunity to get a little sneak peek to a profession of their desire. TBD is

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  • CPhI Frankfurt 2022

    CPhI Frankfurt 2022

    CPhI Worldwide has been bringing the pharmaceutical industry together for more than 30 years! This year CPhI Worldwide becomes CPhI Frankfurt – from 1st till 3rd of November all pharmaceutical professionals gather at the fair in Frankfurt. As the biggest international pharma industry event CPhI creates endless opportunities to connect, network, learn and do business for pharma professionals from all over the world. TBD has participated in CPhI numerous years (even during COVID-19 crisis – when the event was happening online). Each event has given us many valuable contacts! When at the event, you’ll find TBD Pharmatech at stand 110G42,

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  • TBD Pharmatech attended Disc Golf competition

    TBD Pharmatech attended Disc Golf competition

    On 24th of September Ettevõtete Discgolf 10.0 aka disc golf competition between companies took place near Tallinn. It was the first time TBD Pharmatech attended an event like this but definitely not the last! TBD was represented by the team of three: Sander Kotkas, Jürgen Vahter and Merle Muruvee. In the general competition our team achieved 14th place out of 50 teams. In the individual putting competition we were very close to triumphing – Sander finished as second (out of ca 80 participants). Good job guys!

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  • TBD-Biodiscovery became TBD Pharmatech

    TBD-Biodiscovery became TBD Pharmatech

    On 22nd of September we changed our brand name from TBD-Biodiscovery to TBD Pharmatech. The legal name will remain TBD-Biodiscovery Ltd. The change of the name means a new logo with a fresh visual identity and a new website. The founder and CEO Andrus Tasa explained the need for the change: „When we started the company in 2006 the main aim was to refine substances from plants, hence the name TBD-Biodiscovery – to discover from plants. Over the years we turned more towards pharmacy and organic synthesis and the old name didn’t seem suitable anymore.“ The new name TBD Pharmatech

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